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Our Standards

Our Standards

By applying the same high standard of accuracy and reliability throughout our services, you can be rest assuredthat your consignments reach their destination in perfect condition.

City Link Express takes pride for being a home-grown courier service company which has more than 25 years of        history. Since its humble beginning, the company has evolve among one of the leaders in the local courier marketfront. City Link is recognized being a pioneer in the introduction of bar-coded consignment notes, infusing thelatest Information Technology to its own purpose-built head office with warehousing facilities. This clearly gives anindication of the vision of the entire City Link Group.

City Link is the only Malaysian courier company that spreads its wings to the international front. With offices in       Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Taiwan, the Company has position itself as a regional courier service provider. Such presence enable the formation of strategic alliances with counterparts in India, Pakistan, Korea, Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia, UK, USA and Canada. The alliances are continuously growing,adding on further City Link's service coverage areas.

City Link have operations in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Strategic alliances have also been established in joint ventures with Indonesia, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, South Korea,Japan, Brunei, Australia, and the United States of America.

City Link offers a special one rate for shipments within Peninsular Malaysia, and one rate for East Malaysia shipments. This is only possible with high coverage service areas such as that of City Link's. The company also offers very competitive rates for international shipments through its own regional offices and strategic partners.

In recognition of City Link's reliability and quality of service, the company is awarded the 'Super Brand' award in       2005 adding another milestone to the Company's well-establish history. To add further, City Link has receive ISO9001:2000 status certified and accredited by SGS and UKAS accordingly.

With City Link's own in-house developed on-line tracking system, customers are able to track their respective shipments in real time, 24 hours a day from the comfort of their homes and offices. City Link's IT development team is well-recognize and recommended by SGS as well.

All the above underline City Link Express commitment for service quality excellence and reliability in the courier service industry both local and international.